Marstrand By night
Way out to the sailing arena
The famous Carlsten fortress


We would like to welcome all OK-dinghy sailors to our lovely island out on the west-coast for the OK-dinghy worlds 2022 (7-15 august). 

Marstrand is located just 45 minutes drive north of Gothenburg and we are far out on the coast, with Denmark as our neighbour.


We take the liberty to quote Robert Deaves "Marstrand is a ridiculously beautiful place, both for visiting and for sailing. Visitors get a hint of this beauty on the drive in with fjords, bridges, inlets, islands and vistas galore. But the town itself and the waterways that have made it famous take that beauty to another level. Though an overused cliché, stunning is an apt description, both the shoreside, but also the sailing waters, which are famous worldwide."


We all look forward to host the OK- worlds 2022 and we are working hard to get all details under control. The information will be updated constantly on this web-page


NOTE: Whatever you heard about the beer, just so you know, it will be FREE and COLD :)




2019-11-19: Accommodation offer at Marstrands havshotell. More information here


2019-10-26: Harbour office is now informed and prepared for OK-worlds. If you come by boat to the regatta there will be docking places available. More information here


2019-10-25: We have now booked a complete hostel for all OK-dinghy sailors. You can see more details here


2019-10-24: We have now received the approval to rent a complete parking area for caravans, campers and tents. Details for price is being worked out right now. You can see more details here


2019-10-12: The program for the complete event is now available. We are still working on details on the companions program, but you can look at the program here