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Melges 24

Welcome to Melges 24 Swedish and Nordic Championship at Marstrand 16-18 June!

 Marstrand Sailing Club (MaSS) http://www.marstrandsss.se/Kappseglingar/  welcomes you to a great sailing event!

The entry fee is 3 100 SEK and shall be paid to MaSS web shop, www.mss-shop.se  when entry.

Entry fee includes:

• Launching/uptake

• Moring

• After sail Friday and Saturday

• Trailerpark

• Fee to the Swedish Sailing Association for SM and NM

• MaSS costs for the sailing event

• Surplus for MaSS children and youth activities


Entry shall be made not later than 1th of June 2017 to Marstrands Segelsällskap (MaSS) web shop, www.mss-shop.se.



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