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Melges 24

Hauling list for Melges 24

Place: Same place as the launching RINGENS VARV

We have been advised by the Melges24  federation and Piret Salmistu that we should keep follow order.

We estimate to  start the hauling for Melges 24 at 13:00

Hauling list for Melges 24.pdf


Prize giving ceremony

Apply Emtunga Cup

Dragon and Nordic and Swedish Championship Melges 24

Place: Marstrands Havshotell (Koön), outdoor veranda.

Time: To be started as soon as possible after final price lists are valid (we estimate around 14:00 – 14:30)



Welcome to Melges 24 Swedish and Nordic Championship at Marstrand 16-18 June!

 Marstrand Sailing Club (MaSS) http://www.marstrandsss.se/Kappseglingar/  welcomes you to a great sailing event!

The entry fee is 3 100 SEK and shall be paid to MaSS web shop, www.mss-shop.se  when entry.

Entry fee includes:

• Launching/uptake

• Moring

• After sail Friday and Saturday

• Trailerpark

• Fee to the Swedish Sailing Association for SM and NM

• MaSS costs for the sailing event

• Surplus for MaSS children and youth activities


Entry shall be made not later than 1th of June 2017 to Marstrands Segelsällskap (MaSS) web shop, www.mss-shop.se.



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